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1) Types of Conditional
2) The Negative conditional

1)Types of Conditional:
- There are three (03) main types of conditional sentenses:

Type of the conditional

Form of the if-clause  

Form of the main clause  

It is used
Il est utilisé




Type I

if + present

will + stem

to express that something will happen if a certain condition is fulfilled.

If you do it, he will understand you.  

Type II

a) if + past simple

would + stem (for the two)

to express the probable result of a certain condition that we suppose or imagine.  

He would come if you called him.


b) if + were (for all the persons)

to express imaginary or impossible conditions.


If I were rich I would buy a plane.


Type III

if + past perfect

would have + past participle

to express impossible ideas. We know the condition was not fulfilled, but we like to imagine the result if...  

He would have helped you if you  had asked him. (but he didn’t help you! Why? Because you didn’t ask him).


2) The Negative conditional:
We can express a negative condition with unless which is usually close in meaning to "if not" but cannot be universally substituted for if not.
e.g. You will fail unless you work hard.

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